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Surfers Prevent Rashes with Rash Guard Surf Shirts

Surfers Prevent Rashes with Rash Guard Surf Shirts

Are you a novice surfer looking to catch some waves in nice warm water?  In addition to a surfboard, wax, and boardshorts, a rash guard surf shirt is an essential piece of sports equipment you should purchase before hanging ten or getting barreled.  After reading this article you should be well prepared to rip it up safely using a surf rash guard to protect your skin.

There are two primary reasons to wear a rash guard shirt when you are surfing:

1) prevent rash
2) Prevent Sunburns

When you paddle on a surfboard there is a lot of friction and rubbing going on between your stomach, chest area, and your surfboard.  Often times sand gets into the mix which can quickly cause irritation to your skin and ruin an awesome surf session.  Surfing rashguards and surf shirts eliminate potential rashes with durable construction made from a smooth lycra material.  Protect your skin and enjoy your first surf sessions rash free by using a surfing shirt rash guard.

Extended sun exposure is also a potential session killer.  People often forget that sunscreens need to be reapplied every 60-90 minutes, and they are getting double sun exposure from the sun's reflection off the water.  Wearing SPF clothing such as a surf rash guard ensures your upper body is covered and avoiding the sun's dangerous uv rays which cause sunburn.  Most surf shirts are SPF rated just like sunscreen and sunblock.  The major advantage to wearing a rashgurd for sun protection versus sunscreen is you don't have to worry about reapplying every 90 minutes.  A rash guard provides sun protection that will not wash off!  By wearing a surf swim shirt you will prevent sunburn without any hassle.

Sports equipment like rash guards can be used for all water sports such as swimming, diving, sailing, wake boarding, and snorkeling.  The most common types of rash guard styles include:

- wetsuit rashguards
- short sleeve rash guards
- Long sleeve rash guards
- sleeveless rash guards
- cap sleeve rashguards 

These surf shirts are designed to have a snug fit but should not be too restricting to your movement.  Bottom line, if you are venturing out into the surf don't forget to buy a rash guard when purchasing your surfing equipment.  Please feel free to email The Beach Depot Rashguards with any questions regarding surfing equipment.

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