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Prevent Rashes with Sun Protection Clothing

There are many outdoor sports and activities that adults and kids enjoy under the sun.  Water sports such as surfing, swimming, diving, sailing, and wakeboarding involve exposing our skin to the sun's uv rays for extended periods of time.  Extended sun exposure can cause serious sunburns and annoying rashes.  SPF sun protection clothing such as rash guards are now avaiable to protect skin from burns and rashes while enjoying the sun and beautiful warm weather.

Rash guards and sun protective shirts are specially designed for use in the water.  Sports rashguards are SPF rated just like sunscreens, but are much more effective because the sun protection does not rinse off or need to be re-applied to your skin.  Sports rash guards are made from a light weight fast drying fabric which fits like a "second skin" making them functional and comfortable while performing activities in the water.

Surfing is an ideal sport for use of a rash guard.  Surfers spend many hours at a time out in the water catching waves.  When the waves are good who wants to catch a wave back to the beach just to reapply sunscreen?  Surfers also are susceptible to painful rashes on their abdominal and chest areas due to friction caused by surfboard wax and sand.  Rash guard surfing shirts effectively prevent these types of rashes from forming while at the same time providing SPF 50+ uv sun protection.  Surfers are stoked when wearing these SPF surf shirts because they don't have to worry about sunburns or rashes, allowing them to focus on getting barrels and ripping up the waves all day long.

Sun protection rash guards are available for people of all shapes, sizes, and tastes.  A sample of the fashionable styles of rash guard shirts include:

- kids rash guards
- toddler rashguards
- rash guards for men
- rash guards for women
- rashguards for surfing

Where can I buy a rash guard for surfing, snorkeling, or swimming?  Your local sporting good store or surf shop may have a limited assortment of sports rash guard shirts to choose from.  The largest selection and best prices for sports rashguards are truly found online.  Using Google or Bing, type in keywords such as: rashguards, surf shirts, or swim shirts.  The search results will bring up a large number of online surf shops and stores who sell rash guards and sun protection clothes.  The Beach Depot is an online surf shop that sells high quality rash guard shirts at very low prices.

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