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Toddler Rash Guards for Swimming Lessons

Toddler Rash Guards for Swimming Lessons

Do you have a young toddler who is going to learn how to swim this summer?  If so, sun protective swimwear such as uv rash guards for toddlers are now available to cover up your child from the sun: kids and toddler rash gaurds.

Kids rash guards are available as long sleeve swim shirts or short sleeve swim shirts.  Lycra, a stetchy and durable fabric is used for rash guards.  Lycra is smooth and silky in texture making it extremely soft and comfortable on your child's skin.  Lycra is also SPF rated blocking up to 97% of the sun's harmful uv rays.  A lycra kid's rash guard protects your child from the sun while allowing them maximum comfort.

Toddler rash guards are designed and constucted using flat lock stitching for durability, and a low crew neck.  These shirts are buit for abuse and will not rip, tear, or fall apart.  It is always a good idea to rinse out a swim shirt with fresh water after each swim lesson.  Chlorine over time can break down and damage just about anything.  Also, if washing in a washing machine, kids and toddler rashguards should be hung to dry.  Do not put a rash guard swim shirt in the dryer.

Don't forget to also use sunscreen on your child.  A rash guard will completely protect your toddler's body and arms, but the rest of their body and face is also susceptible to sun burn.  Sunscreen should be applied liberally to these body parts.  If you have a red head or extremely fair skinned child, extra precautions should be made to protect their skin from uv rays.  Long sleeve rash guards plus 50+ SPF sun block is recommended.  Sun hats and sunglasses are also great pieces of SPF protective swimwear that provide additional coverage and shade.

While in the pool the sun's reflection on the water actually is like receiving double exposure to the uv rays.  This combined with the sensitive skin of your young child makes using sun protective swimwear and rash guard shirts
provide total sun protection for your baby and are excellent for all outdoor and water activities such as swimming lessons.  Rash guard sun protection clothing plus sunscreen is a winning combination to ensure your child does not get a sun burn this summer. extremely important during their swimming lessons this summer.  If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact Beach Depot Rash Guards.

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