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In the same fashion the internet has replaced old fashioned newspapers, rash guard swim shirts are replacing old school suncreen and sunblock products.  Sun protection clothing such as swim shirts are far more economical and effective at blocking uv sun rays than sun block and are being used by families around the world at a growing rate.  SPF sun protective clothing is ideal for swimmers, surfers, and kids who enjoy the beach or pool.  Rash guard categories usually fall into the following:

- short sleeve rash guards
- long sleeve rash guards
- rash guards for men
- rash guards for women
- kids rash guards
- toddler rash guards

Whether to buy a long sleeve rash guard or short sleeve rash guard is a matter of personal preference.  A long sleve rash guard provides more upper body coverage for a person who is fair skinned.  A short sleeve rash guard provides less arm coverage but may be more comfortable in hot, humid, or tropical locales.

Rash guards for men can be used for surfing, swimming, scuba diving, wake boarding, mma, sailing, working out, running, and many more activities.  Men's swim shirts are tough and athletic making them awesome for a number of physical water or land activities.  Men count on swim shirts and mens rash guards to prevent rash and provide SPF UV sun protection.

Rash guards for women are also popular for any water activity and to wear over a bikini or bathing suit at the beach or pool.  Women's rashguards enhance the feminine physique with an attractive and athletic look.  Women buy swim shirts not only to look sexy, but because they provide functional sun protection and help keep their skin beautiful.  Girls rashguards are now available in a hot new cap sleeve swim shirt style.

Rash guards for kids and toddlers are a godsend for parents.  No longer do you have to worry about constantly applying and reapplying sunscreen to your child's body and arms.  A kid's swim shirt does the job for you with sun protection that lasts all day.  Kids rash guards work great for swimming or playing on the beach while blocking up to 97% of the sun's harmful uv rays.  Best of all, kid's love to wear toddler rash guards because they come in many cool colors and make them feel like their favorite super hero.

Why mess with expensive "20th century" sunscreens? There is a much better alternative: swim shirts.  Today's 21st century parents are already ahead of the curve and using rash guard swim shirts to protect their families from the sun.  Please contact Beach Depot Rash Guards with any questions you may have regarding sun protection.

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