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Surfing With Rash Guard Shirts

Surfing with Rash Guard Shirts

Undoubtedly, surfing is one of the most unique sports in the world.  The pureness of detatching yourself from land and riding pulses of energy provided by nature is unmatched.  Surfing is enjoyed by people worldwide from toddlers through senior citizens, a sport that truly crosses the genrational divide.  Surfing rash guards are available for all people to help maximize the enjoyment of surfing in the ocean.  Rashguards for surfing, also referred to as surf shirts, or surf rash guards, serve many purposes to support optimum performance and enjoyment out in the water.  This article will discuss some of the key reasons why every surfer should wear a rash guard surf shirt no matter where they surf.

As the name would make you think, a "rash guard" has a primary purpose of preventing rashes.  Surfers are particularly vulnerable to skin irritation.  Paddling on a surfboard creates a lot of friction on your chest.  Add sand and the wax on your board to the equation and very quickly you can wind up with chaffed nipples and raspberries on your stomach and ribs.  A rash guard protects your skin and eliminates rash and skin irritation caused by your surf board.

Interestingly, rash guards were originally invented by surfers to wear under their wetsuits.  The use of wetsuit rash guards specifically protects the troublesome armpit and neck areas that can easily become irritated underneath a wetsuit while constantly paddling.  As you can see, what began as an "under shirt" for a wetsuit has evolved into a high performance, cutting edge product.

Today's surfing rash guards are now scientifically designed for maximum sun protection.  No longer do surfers need to mess with suncreen that washes off in the water, is slippery, and needs to be reapplied many times.  All  a surfer needs is a rash guard to ensure their entire upper body is shielded from the suns damaging uv rays.  The lightweight and snug fitting design of a surfing rash guard is comfortable for surfers and allows for full body movement. 

Rash guards for surfing are now a staple at surf shops and in the surf world in general.  There are many different brands and styles with the most prominent being:

- Long Sleeve Rashguards
- Short Sleeve Rash Guards
- Toddler and Kids Surfing Rash Guards
- Wetsuit Rashguards

Please contact The Beach Depot with any questions you may have about using our rashguards for surfing.

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