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Surfing in Puerto Rico

Surfing in Puerto Rico

Located on the northwestern coast of Puerto Rico is a terrific little area called Rincon.  Revered as "The North Shore of the Caribbean" this laid back bohemian area is a true surfing paradise.  Affordable, with gourgeous tropical scenery and spectacular sunsets this corner of the island will encapture you with its charm.  Pack your surfing rash guards, and let's take a surf trip to Rincon PR!

The drive from San Juan to Rincon is about 2-2/12 hours but you can make it an all day event and hit up surf spots, especially around Isabela, along the way.  For my trip I packed a couple surf rash guards and sun screen so that I didn't get stuck with a soggy wet rash guard in the car.  Just pull over to the side of the road when you see a nice spot and paddle out.

Once you've made the turn onto highway 413 you are in Rincon.  There are many surf spots to choose, all with great waves depending on your preferences.  My favorite surf spot is Sandy Beach.  It is a nice left that breaks of a little rocky point.  Fun rippable waves with some barrels when there is size. I have fun on a longboard or shortboard here.  The bottom is mostly sand but there are submerged rocks.  At this spot I use excessive amounts of sunscreen plus a rash guard to prevent any rashes from sand and sun.

Other epic spots include, Marias, Domes, and Tres Palmas.  These are the main spots and of course the most crowded.  There are many other surf spots in the area and plenty of waves for everybody.  A little exploration may pay off big time as there can be differences in size and conditions between the North facing and West facing spots.

Surf shops are a bit sparse in the area.  Surf boards are available to rent by day or week at a few shops in town.  I recommend definitely bringing your own surf gear.  To avoid rashes and sun burns buy rash guard surf shirts prior to your trip.  The selection in these shops is limited so bring rash guard surf shirts with you to Puerto Rico so you don't get stuck with a rash guard that you don't like.  The tropical sun is strong so a SPF surfing rash guard is a real must have in addition to sunscreen.

If you want more information on Rincon Purto Rico, Surfline has details on all the spots and the latest surf report for the area.  Another great site for information on lodging, activities, and restaurants is rincon-pr.com.  Please contact Beach Depot Rash Guards with any questions about surfing rashguards for your next surf trip.

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