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When the water warms up and the weather is hot surfer's love to take off their wetsuits and "trunk it."  The freedom and flexibility of being free from a wetsuit and feeling the soothing ocean water on your skin makes any surf session so much better.  The only bummer is after an hour or so you realize your nipples are getting chaffed and raspberries are starting on your stomach.  Not cool.  Also, your shoulders and back are turning red and getting sunburned.  These irritations to your skin quickly turn an epic surf session into a painful trip back to the beach.

Luckily, surfer's can enjoy the freedom of not wearing a wetsuit while protecting their skin from rash irritation and sunburn by wearing SPF surfing rash guard shirts.  Made from a light-weight and fast drying lycra fabric, durable rash guards for surfing protect the skin from those annoying rashes while providing total sun protection.  A surfer does not even realize he/she is wearing a surf shirt and still gets the feeling of trunking it in the water.  Rash guards are comfortable and effective.

By wearing a surf shirt you can stay out and catch waves longer because there is no need to paddle back in and re-apply sunscreen to your back and shoulders.  If you are on a surf trip this is very cool because one bad sunburn can really ruin a trip.  With a surfing rash guard you don't take chances relying on sun screens and hoping you didn't miss any spots.  A surf rash guard has you covered with complete sun blocking protection.

Rashguard shirts for surfing are available for men, women, kids and toddlers.  There are many popular sports rashguard styles including:

- long sleeve rash guards
- short sleeve rash guards
- cap sleeve rash guards
- Beach Depot rash guards

To maximize your surf time and minimize sun burns it is always a good idea to use sunglasses or a surfing sun hat in conjunction with sun screen for all surf sessions.  You really cannot over-protect your skin from surfer's rash and sunburns.  If you forgot to wear a surf shirt and end up getting a bad surf rash or burn, you can reduce your pain by using after-sun lotions or aloe vera gel. 

Hopefully these sun protection tips will help you enjoy your warm water surfing sessions more.  Please contaact The Beach Depot with any questions regarding surfing or rash guards.

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