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Surfing Rash Guard Shirts

Surfing Rash Guard Shirts

One of the most popular and fastest growing water sports in the world is surfing.  From small children to senior citizens, all enjoy the thrill, exhiliration, and release surfing on a wave provides.  In order to prevent rashes and sunburns while enjoying this great activity, rashguard surfing shirts have been developed to aid the surfer armys around the world.

Ironically, surfing rash guards were invented by accident in Australia during the late 1970's.  The original rash guards were simply lycra turtleneck shirts worn underneath a surfer's wetsuit with the exclusive purpose of preventing chaffing caused by the wetsuit.  As the water warmed in the spring and summer months, these Aussie surfers began to be seen in the waves wearing rash guard shirts with their board shorts without any wetsuit.  Surfer's found that a wetsuit rash guard was also very effective at protecting their skin from irritation caused by conttact with their surfboard as well as preventing sunburns.  Hence, a new surfing product was born!

Today's surfing rash guards are much more advanced and designed specifically for sun protection, performance, and comfort.  Rash guards for surfing come in many different colors and styles including:

- Women's surf shirts
- Men's surf shirts
- Kid's surf shirts
- Toddler surf shirts

A quality rash guard shirt for surfing now features flat lock stitching, a low crew neck for comfort, stretchy and quick drying lycra fabric, plus a strong SPF rating.  These surf shirts are fantastic for any outdoor or water activity and also work great for running or working out, making them a very smart investment for your wardrobe.

Rash guards are quite fashionable, allowing you to look and feel awesome in or out of the water.  Men, women, and kids comment that they like the fact the surfing shirts are extremely comfortable and form fitting to their body.  Surprisingly, many people wear a rash guard to nightclubs and bars.  Who knew these surf shirts would become so cool and trendy!

Don't get left behind being one of the only people in the world still relying soley on messy and expensive sunscreens to protect your skin.  Join the sun protection revolution by wearing a rash guard surfing shirt today.  Rash guards are available here at The Beach Depot. 

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