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Surfing Equipment for Beginners

Surfing Equipment for Beginners

Okay, so you've made the brave decision to try surfing.  Now you need to prepare yourself for the waves with proper surfing equipment.  In addition to a good sturdy board and surf wax, sun protection clothing and rash guards should be purchased as they are essential pieces of surfing equipment that protect your skin from chaffing, rash, and sunburn.  This article will go over the right equipment for beginner surfers including using surfing rash guards.

What is a surfing rash guard and why do you need one for the waves?  Good question.  A rash guard is used by surfers much like Under Armour is used by athletes: to protect skin from rash and irritation caused by a lot of movement.  Just like a football player can get rashes and chaffing from pads and physical contact, a surfer can easily develop irritation from their surfboard, wax, and sand.  However, another major benefit of a rash guard for surfing is the SPF sun protection provided.  Surf rash guards block the sun's dangerous uv ray's with SPF factors better than most sunscreens.  Bottom line, wearing a long sleeve rash guard or short sleeve rash guard will spare you from painful sunburns and rash.  We definitely recommend you add this to your list of surfing equipment.

Now that you have the right equipment it is time to go to the beach and surf.  About 30 minutes prior to getting wet make sure apply plenty of sunscreen to areas of your body not covered by your surf shirt.  Take a few minutes to survey the lineup to see where people are catching waves, how big the sets are, etc. while you stretch out your arms and legs.  Don't make a beginner "kook" mistake and put your leash on too early.  Wait until you are at the water's edge before you put your surfboard leash on your leg.  Many a kook have faceplanted and embarrassed themselves before even getting in the water by tripping on their leashes on the beach.  Once you hit the water rub some sand on your board to roughen up the wax, and paddle out!

Stay tuned for more articles on surfing and surf equipment.  If you have any questions about surfing or surf rash guards please contact The Beach Depot.

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