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Sun Protection for Kids and Toddlers

Sun Protection for Kids and Toddlers

Good habits are learned by children early in life.  Brushing hair, teeth, and bathing are all routine habits most of us start as kids.  Sun protection for kids and toddlers is something that should be taught early by parents.  Sun safety is essential and necessary as sun burns and extended sun exposure can lead to skin cancer later in life.  This article covers using spf clothing and other methods to protect kids safely from the sun.

Sun protection clothing such as SPF rash guards, swimwear, and sun hats are effective and economical ways to ensure your little ones are completely safe and covered up from the sun's uv rays. Kids rash guards are excellent for swimming as they serve a dual purpose of preventing skin irritaion plus sunburns.  Toddler rash guards are also available today in sizes as small 1T for babies.  Sun protection shirts to look out for in stores include:

- sun protection swimwear
- long sleeve rash guards
- kids rash guards
- toddler rashguards

In addition to sun protection clothes, sun hats are great for protecting children's head and scalps.  Using a rashguard swim shirtplus sun hat is a great sun protection combo.  Make sure the hat has a wide brim to cover the neck and face areas.  Many sun hats are made to be water resistant for use in pools and the ocean.

Sunglasses plus a SPF rashguard surf shirt or sun protection shirt are another great combo for preventing extended sun exposure.  Yes, eyes get sun damage too.  Children's sunglasses are awesome and available today at many stores and online.  Kids look cool and love to wear sunglasses with their rash guards and other SPF beachgear.

Finally, sunblock should always be used to cover areas not protected by your rash guards and sun hats.  Often neglected areas that need sunscreen include the tops of feet, hands, back of the neck, and ears.  Sunblock needs to be applied and reapplied consistently through the day when outdoors at least once every 60-90 minutes. Remember, sunscreens are only water resistant, not completely waterproof.

If you follow these sun protection tips on a regular basis, you are setting in motion actions that will lead to excellent sun protection habits that will last your child's lifetime.  Protect your children from the sun with spf rash guards.  Sun protection rash guards are available here at The Beach Depot!

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