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How to Protect Your Kids from Sun Burns

Protecting Kids From Sunburns

What would we do without the sun?  Humans need the sun to survive.  It provides us with wamrth, and it's rays are needed to grow our food and provide energy to the world.  We enjoy being outdoors and doing activities under the sun. Much like the ocean however, the sun can be quite dangerous. The mighty sun's invisible ultraviolet rays are harmful to our skin.  It is becoming ever so important these  to days to begin protecting our kid's skin as soon as they are born to minimize the damage of the sun's harmful uv rays over the course of their lifetime.  This article will explain some of the ways to protect our kids from sunburns.

Sun damage generally falls into two categories, short term and long term.  Examples of short term sun damage include sunburns, tissue damage, and rashes.  The root of the problem is that getting a bad sunburn as a child makes a person more susceptible to long term damage such as skin cancer and pre-mature aging later in their lifetime.  Amazingly, all it takes is one bad burn according to leading dermatologists. 

There are many things we can do as parents to try and minimize sun exposure for our children.  First and foremost, get in the habit of using sunscreens and sun protective clothing whenever you plan to be outdoors.  Teach your child this habit early, and much like good oral hygiene, this could be a habit they keep for the rest of their life.

Sunscreen is a must have.  Be sure to buy a sunscreen that has a strong SPF factor of at least 15 and is water-resistant.  The most important areas to protect are the face, ears, neck, and shoulders as they get the most exposure.  Make it a routine of applying this daily when dressing your child.  Don't forget to carry sunscreen with you at all times and reapply throughout the day.

Sun protective clothing is another crucial weapon in your arsenal necessary for total sun protection of your children.  Sun protective clothing is specially made using fabrics such as lycra thast are tested for SPF sun protection.  A t-shirt is not sun protective clothing.  Your child is still getting a lot of sun exposure when wearing a regular t-shirt.  Make sure that you are buying sun protective clothing that guarantees an SPF rating or you will be disappointed when your child gets a sunburn. 

Below are some tips to keep in mind when protecting your kids from the sun:

1) Stock up on sunscreens and sun protective clothing including sun hats and kid's sunglasses.

2) Put sunscreen on your children every morning before they get dressed.

3) If you have a baby under six months old simply do not let them be exposed to direct sunlight.  Make sure their stroller is covered if they must be outdoors.  A towel or blanket over the stroller is great for added sun protection. 

4) Always keeped the children covered up using sun protective clothing when outdoors for an extended period of time.

5)  Keep your children's sun exposure to a minimum during the peak hours of 10am to 3pm when the sun is strongest.

Getting an early start with these sun protection practices will help ensure your children minimize short term and long term sun damage over their lifetime.  There are many outstanding stores who supply beach clothing for outdoors activities such as right here with The Beach Depot.  Please feel free to contact us with any comments and check out our rash guard categories below.

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