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Outdoor Sun Protection with Rash Guard Shirts

Outdoor Sun Protection with Rash Guard Shirts

During the summer (or if you live in a warm climate all year long) you probably enjoy some type of outdoor activity such as surfing, swimming, cycling, boating, or sailing.

Did you know all of these activitites put your skin at risk by being exposed to the sun's uv rays without proper protection?  Do you ever experience chapped skin or chaffing from the wind while enjoying these water activities?  Sun protection clothing such as SPF rash guard shirts are extremely effective for protecting your skin from sunburns and rashes.  SPF clothing is gaining in popularity with families everywhere as a better alternative to traditional sunscreens.

For families who enjoy surfing and swimming, sun protection swimwear such as rash guards provide a smart and economical way to prevent those terrible rashes and sunburns.  A swimming rashguard is made from durable lycra and nylon material, making it lightweight and fast drying.  Both long sleeve rash guards and short sleeve rash guards for swimmers are designed to provide SPF 150+ uv protection, which is better than almost all sunscreens out there.  Comfortable kids rash guards do not require constant reapplication like with old-fashioned sunscreens, plus toddler rash guards ensure your baby is protected from the sun.

Another water activity where sun and wind exposure can damage the skin is boating and sailing.  Sun protection clothing is crucial with these activities because you are getting a double dose of both sun and wind.  Did you know the sun's reflection off the water means you are getting twice the sun exposure?  Long sleeve rash guards for sailing not only guard your sensitive skin from this sun exposure, they also keep your entire upper body shielded from the wind.  Nothing ruins a nice boat outing faster than getting that annoying chapped skin caused by wet skin in the sund and wind.  Sailing rashguards are also very popular with boaters who are serious about protecting their skin.

Much like sailors, cyclists also experience sun burns and wind chaffing.  SPF sports rash guards for bicycling are an excellent way to protect your skin while cycling.  The tight fitting and breathable lycra material helps keep you cool while allowing for maximum comfort and flexibility.  A rash guard suit or basic rash guard shirt reduces damage caused by the sun on long rides with UPF 50+ uv sun protection.  Rash guards are a great way to help you perform better on your bike.  Personally, I would use a long sleeve rash guard for cycling to avoid the dreaded "farmer tan" caused by short sleeve rash guard shirts.  Have you ever seen Lance Armstrong's farmer tan? 

As you can see, spf rash guards  are the way to go for maximum sun protection with all your outdoor activities.  Sport rash guards are available right here at The Beach Depot!

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