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Buying Rash Guards for Vacation

Buying Rash Guards for Vacation

Parents and kids around the world are discovering there is a better way to protect their skin from sunburns than old-fashioned sunscreen.  Sun protection clothes such as rash guards are fast replacing the traditonal method of repeatedly caking sunscreen all over our bodies.  Why the craze with rash guards?  As we will explain in this article, buying sports rash guards is the most effective way to stop sun burns and rashes.

In case you are unfamiliar with sports rash guards let us introduce you to some of the most popular types of rash guards you will find online or in shops:

- mens rashguards
- womens rash guards
- toddler rashguards
- kids rashguards
- long sleeve rash guards
- sleeveless rash guards

Although they have been around for decades, sun protection clothing and rash guards have only recently gained mainstream popularity.  In the past rash guards were only found at surf shops and used by surfers under their wetsuits.  Today almost any sporting good or department store will carry sun protection clothes including rashguard swim and surf shirts.  Parents need to be aware purchasing a rash guard at one of these establishments. The quality of the sun protection clothing at large stores is usually poor compared to brands made by surfing and beach apparel companies found in surf shops who really specialize in sun protection. 

Online specialty stores and surf shops carry the best quality rash guard shirts.  These establishments cater specifically to making products people can depend on for water and outdoor activities.  These products are tested and tweaked by surfers and people who actually use the products.  What you will also find is a larger selection of surf shirts and swim shirts that outperform any of the rash guards found in department stores.  If you have time to wait for an internet rash guard to be delivered before your vacation you will save cash purchasing a swim shirt online compared to the marked up surf shop prices.

Don't forget to purchase more than one rash guard for your trip.  A long sleeve rash guard and a short sleeve rash guard shirt is ideal because it will have you protected no matter what weather conditions are encountered.  By packing rash guards you will be prepared for sun exposure.  However, it is still important to protect your face and other body parts with sunscreen.  Given all the airport security, it has been tough lately to packe enough sunscreen as you can only pack a tiny bottle.  This forces us to find sunscreen at our destination and often pay a lot higher prices than we would at out local drug store.  Rash guards solve this problem, and use up minimal space in your travel bag weighing only about 10oz!  Please contact The Beach Depot with any questions about buying rash guards for your upcoming vacation.

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