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21st Century Sun Protection for Kids

21st Century Sun Protection For Kids

The days of applying sunscreen over and over again on our kids are gone.  There is a much more economical and efficient way to protect our kids from the sun when they are outdoors and in the water. Rashguards for kids provide total sun protection for our children that lasts all day unlike sunscreen.  Kid's rash guards are taking sun protection into the 21st century.  What are you using to protect your kids from the sun these days?

A kids rash guard, and other forms of sun protection clothing are becoming extremely popular with parents because of their effectiveness and affordability.  Kids rash guard swim shirts provide SPF 150+ sun protection and are priced well compared to expensive sunscreens.  Kid's rash guards only need to be purchased once, whereas a supply of sunscreen needs to be replenished often which can be very costly over the course of a summer.  Rashguards are designed to last and survive harsh conditions and activity such as sports, chlorinated pool water, and the ocean.  A rashguard should last until your child grows out of the swim shirt size.

Kids rash guards are used by many families for outdoor and water activities.  Retailers sell short sleeve rash guards, sleeveless rashguards, and long sleeve rash guards in an assortment of different colors and styles to satisfy just about any child's desire.  Yes, rash guards are also referred to as swim shirts, or surf shirts so don't be confused if you see them advertised as the latter in stores or on the web.

Kids rashguards are comfortable and something your child will love to put on for any occasion.  Kids rash guards are made of silkly and smooth lycra fabric which feels nice on the skin.  Toddler rash guards can be purchased at some online stores, as well as unisex rashguards that work well as hand-me-downs (if you have multiple children).  Boy rashguards, and girl rashguards are cut the same way and can be worn by either a male or female.  Rashguards are available for the entire family.

Rashguards are now mainstream and can be purchased at department stores and online.  Affordable rash guards simply make sense which is why they are being used in conjunction with sunscreen by families around the world.  Take your family's sun protection to the 21st century and purchase your rash guard shirts from The Beach Depot!

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