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2010 Surf Shirts for Men and Women

2010 Surf Shirts for Men and Women

Surfing technology has made major advances over the past decade.  This trend is expected to continue at an unlimited pace as both surfing performance, and surfing equipment evolve.  Rash guards and surf shirts are products that will be a part of this equation as both serve a purpose to increase performance for surfers and swimmers.  Sun protective swimwear , including rash guard surf shirts will continue to be a vital piece of surfing equipment in 2010 and beyond.

A rash guard helps surfers and swimmers to perform at their peak by protecting skin from the sun and eliminating both chaffing and rashes.  Like other sports apparel, sports rashguards aid in allowing a surfer to surf their best.  By not having to worry about getting a sunburn or nasty nipple rash (from sandy wax on a surfboard) a surfer can focus entirely on catching waves.  If you are a competitive surfer, this may be a huge advantage. 

Surf shirts and rashguards are made from lycra material which provides the highest SPF ratings of any sun protective swimwear on the market at UPF 50+.  Surfing rash guards for men and women are designed to  fit like a second skin for top performance flexibility.  Some of the benefits to wearing surfing shirts include:

- Eliminates chaffing caused by cold winds.
- Reduces irritation to the skin caused by rubbing from surfboards or bodyboards.
- Protects the skin from UV sun rays.
- Provides slight warmth in cool conditions.

As you can see, adding a surf shirt to your equipment list can definitely help increase your performance surfing out in the water.

Surf rash guards and sporting surf shirts are very comfortable with their form fitting design and high quality lycra fabric.  Rash guards are available in many different colors and styles, depending on your requirements.  For the most coverage on your upper body, a long sleeve rash guard will do the job.  If you really only want to cover your back and shoulder area but don't mind sun on your arms, a short sleeve rash guard surf shirt will protect these areas of your body effectively.  Rash guard shirts and sun protection shirts work well for any outdoor activity and are not limited only to surfing or swimming.

If you are a modern surfer in 2010, wearing a rash guard is truly essential for peak surfing performance.  There are so many factors that go into an unreal surf session, so eliminiating rashes and sunburns only increases the probability of another epic day.  Sun protection shirts for surfing and rashguards are available for purchase here at The Beach Depot.

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